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Celebrating 30 Years Series: Meet Our Staff - Jim Campbell

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Name: Jim Campbell

Position: Partner at Title Alliance

Started with Title Alliance: 2003

Who are the people of Title Alliance?

I recently viewed some statistical data from research done at the University of Tennessee stating that 71% of all new businesses fail within in 10 years of startup.

So what does all this mean and how is that that only 29% of all startups can survive after 10 years let alone 30 years? While I certainly cannot speak to the survival of the other organizations, I can share with you my perception on what has allowed Title Alliance to open their doors for over three decades and has effectively endured one of the most challenging real estate markets known to anyone reading this post.  While it would be easy to rattle of dozens accolades for the company’s survival, I believe it really only comes down to one thing:  “The Right People”. 

Simply put, “The Right People” can be broken down into two major components in the “Title Alliance World”:  Our Team and Our Partners.

Our Title Alliance Team consists of all of our direct and affiliated staff that makes everything this organization does possible. They ALL seem to “get it” and without all their hard work and dedication we would have very little if anything to discuss... I’ve witnessed that nearly each and every one of them seem to have the get the job done at all cost mentality no matter how daunting or challenging the task at hand may be. They are the true engine which drives this train.

In our business they say Partner Selection is everything. I tend to disagree with this slightly, as I believe it’s the only thing!  We have had the good fortune of having many magnificent partners throughout the last several decades and we have learned many painful yet valuable lessons in that time. Most importantly, if you align yourself with “The Right People” who share your values and your vision, “Great” things seem to happen. Several years ago, when we re-memorialized our core value of “Creating Partners for Life”, we certainly hope that our partners did the same.

To our valued team and partners, thank you for allowing us to share in your success!