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In The Hot Seat: Kelley Kernicky

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

My first car was:  A Honda Accord.  In fact, all of my cars have been Honda’s except one.

The craziest thing I’ve ever done: I don’t think I’ve ever done anything crazy – I’m a big nerd!

If I had three wishes they would be :  (1) that my children live long, healthy, happy lives, (2) that my brother were still alive and healthy; (3) That my parents know how much they are loved and appreciated and live long enough (while still being healthy!) to see my children’s children.

My greatest disappointments in life were:  losing my brother when he was only 19, having my paternal grandparents die before I got to know them, and having my maternal grandparents die when my kids were so young they don’t remember them. 

If I won the lottery:  I would invest most, buy a vacation home, and pay off debts.  I’d then share with family and those in need. 

If money were no object and I was guaranteed to be successful, my career would be:  doing something working with babies or the elderly.  And it would be part-time so I could spend more time with my kids.

If I could have dinner with any person, past or present, it would be:  my paternal grandfather.  From what I know of him, he probably has some amazing stories to tell! 

Every morning I: check my e-mail on my phone before I get out of bed.  Again – I’m a big nerd!  I want to make sure nothing major is going on like a server down before I start my day so I can plan accordingly.

I can’t go without:  lots of sleep!

My favorite movie is:  Jaws.  Strange – I know!!