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In The Hot Seat: Lindsay Smith

Monday, May 5th, 2014

You can’t always be  popular. But you need to be happy with who you are.

The craziest thing I’ve ever done  really wasn’t that crazy. When I pledged my sorority in college we took a road trip to DC. Although directionally challenged, I somehow was the designated driver, and the lead driver at that. We had another car following us.  We ended up the wrong side of town, the far wrong side of town. We pulled into a gas station to get a map (This was well before GPS systems were popular). I was looking at the map for our destination of “M Street” and was utterly baffled because there were about26 “M’s” on the map. I remember vividly saying that I wasn’t sure which way to go because there were “M Streets” all around us. My friend Jill took the map from my hand and pointed out to me that “M” stood for METRO and not “M Street”…. And you wonder how we ended up lost in the first place. Eventually we got ourselves to the right side of town and I saw where we needed to be but couldn’t figure out how to get there. I made an executive decision and drove purposely the wrong way down a one way street. We had many laughs in that car and on our trip, but that would be the wildest thing I ever did.

If I had three wishes they would be    for my children to grow up happy, healthy and grounded; for people everywhere to have enough of everything that they need and most of what they want; to spend ample time surrounded by friends and family celebrating all of life’s milestones.  

If I won the lottery I would  send my Poppy to the Kentucky Derby, put an addition on my house, buy some frivolous clothes and then save the rest for a rainy day.

If money were no object and I was guaranteed to be successful, my career would be  an event planner.  I’d plan parties big and small. Weddings, dinner parties, birthday parties, congratulations on the new job parties. You name it, I’d plan it, and I'd turn everything into an event.

The worst purchase I ever made was  probably anything purchased while I was in college. I’m pretty sure that a $15 tube of lipstick cost me well over $1500 with all of the interest I paid on my credit cards!

Every morning I    lay in bed listening to my children talk to themselves (or each other) through the monitors. And hit snooze at least 1 time.

I can’t go without  hugs and kisses from my kids. Some would also say my iPhone.

If I could travel in time, I would be in   the 1950’s. I think I’d look really cute in a poodle skirt. And boy, did they love to dance back then! 

My favorite movie is  Pretty Woman or Dirty Dancing. Nobody puts baby in the corner!

In high school I was  editor of the yearbook, in all 8 of the musical theater productions, a ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop dancer (I really wasn’t good at hip hop!), Sang at Sunday Masses as Cantor, coached cheerleading, was a nanny for several children and took lots and lots of AP classes.