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In The Hot Seat: Lisa Purcell

Friday, April 25th, 2014

You can’t always be: everything to everyone.  Be there the important people in your life and don’t worry about the little things.  No one will remember if you didn’t have time to wash the dishes, but they’ll remember you had time for them.

My first car was a 1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.  It was a tank!  It had to be, no one wore seatbelts back then!

The craziest thing I’ve ever done is run after a mugger that had ripped a necklace off of my mother’s neck right in front of me in Italy.  Not a smart thing to do, but I was able to ID him and the cops got him and the necklace back.  They even had it fixed for her.

If I won the lottery I would never forget the value of a dollar.

If I could have dinner with any person, past or present, it would be my grandfather who died before I was born.  He always told my mother and her 5 sisters to “Love one another”.   I’d like to meet the man who raised 6 girls who never fought with each other!

The worst purchase I ever made was probably some hideous 80’s outfit that I thought was the coolest thing on the planet at the time.

If I could have any superhero power, I would choose flight because I hate traffic! 

I can’t go without my tea!  All day, every day.

If I could travel in time, I would be in the 1920’s-30’s.   Imagine what it was like before electricity, cars and airplanes were what they are today.

In high school I was not shy anymore.