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Title Alliance Announces Growth through Addition of a Maryland/Virginia Regional Director

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

Title Alliance, a RESPA-compliant ESOP company who specializes in joint ventured title insurance agencies, announced today the appointment of Cary Moore as Regional Director for their Maryland & Virginia Region. Moore brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the title industry.

Moore joins Title Alliance’s Regional Director Team of Jadah Hill, Nancy Marsden, and Michael Warner. Regional Directors oversee the settlement staff, assure the operations are in compliance with regulatory issues; as well as develop, mentor and train the office managers and their staff among other things.

Moore brings over 20 years of experience in both real estate and title services. His ability to manage and motivate staff will maximize the growth of Title Alliance’s ventures in the Maryland/Virginia area. As a US Marine Veteran, he is highly organized, motivated and a detail directed problem solver. He has a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Maryland with a Minor in Business Law. Moore attended University of Baltimore Law School where he studied Real Estate Law. Moore spent time working as a Settlement Officer & Marketing Representative before moving into Management in the Title Industry. His unique skillset will make him a strong leader, who is in tune to the needs of those on the ground.

“With our expanding footprint in the Maryland/Virginia areas,” says Nancy D. Warner, Director for Title Alliance, “It is imperative for our success that we have an operational team in place with knowledge and expertise in the specific area.” She continues, “It was apparent from our first meetings with Moore that his knowledge of the industry is vast and he is incredibly in tune to the specific regulations and practices in the Maryland/Virginia areas. He will be an incredible asset to our team and a tool for our joint venture managers to use to propel their operations’ growth.”

When asked about working with Title Alliance, Moore says, "I look forward to being a part of a great team, and look forward to bringing my years of experience and knowledge to the Title Alliance family."

Moore spent the last week training and learning Title Alliance’s processes and procedures and will begin working on the ground this week.

About Title Alliance:
Title Alliance, Ltd, an ESOP Company is located in Media, PA and has been creating RESPA compliant title joint ventures since 1983 with lenders, mortgage bankers, realtors, builders and credit unions. Their roots date back to 1948 when their first agency, which is still in existence today, was formed. For more information or to find out how a Title Alliance's partnership or title management skills could benefit you visit them online or contact Lindsay Smith at 800-220-3901 x 165.

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