Title Alliance Holds State of the Company & Vision Meeting


Title Alliance, Ltd, a RESPA-compliant ESOP leader in joint ventured title insurance agencies, announced today that Jim Campbell, Chief Executive Officer for the company and its affiliates, held a State of the Company and Vision Meeting with Title Alliance’s Corporate Team on Monday January 4th. The meeting was held just two weeks after Campbell’s official appointment. In attendance were Title Alliance’s Corporate Team including Jill Abendroth, Mary Blancett and Michele Rist, the three newest direct hires made by Title Alliance in December of last year.

The meeting was held at Teca, in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. It featured a highly motivating kick off and deeper delve into the company’s mission, values and vision followed by a reception style dinner in Teca’s wine cellar.

“One of our company’s characteristics has always been innovation, and we do that well,” said Bill Cotter, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Title Alliance. “Today we are in multiple states and growing, and thus … the purpose of our meeting, to provide — our Employee-Owners – with our CEO’s Vision for our next incarnation.”

Campbell’s focus for growth is threefold, focusing on our people, our processes and our products—both the Title Alliance Brand and our joint ventured affiliates.

“We’ve always had a mission and values,” said Campbell, “but now it is time to amplify them so that every one of our Employee-Owners, partners and customers knows what they are.”

Title Alliance’s core values were defined as integrity, trust, respect and commitment.

“In choosing the words to articulate our mission, we needed something that applied to our Employee-Owners, our partners and our customers,” Campbell says. “We have a moral obligation to make certain that we help all of those we have alliances with to grow on both a personal and professional level. That being said, we chose: ‘We exist to provide personal and professional growth – one ALLIANCE at a time.’ to be the mission by which we operate.”

“In this next phase of our company, we’ll be making investments into our people, our processes and our product,” Campbell continues. “Our December appointments began to lay the groundwork of our investments into our people.”

The company has committed to an intense focus on the hiring process and training process in quarter 1. These systematic and purposeful changes will help the company to continue to grow, to be scalable and to find the very best people to run and support our joint ventures while providing them with all the necessary tools to success personally and professionally.

“We want our Employee-Owners to be with us for the rest of their careers,” concludes Campbell. “And that applies to everyone in the room—and everyone yet to join our family.”

About Title Alliance
Title Alliance, Ltd, an ESOP Company is located in Media, PA and has been creating RESPA compliant title joint ventures since 1983 with lenders, mortgage bankers, realtors, builders and credit unions. Their roots date back to 1948 when their first agency, which is still in existence today, was formed. For more information or to find out how a Title Alliance’s partnership or title management skills could benefit you visit them online or contact Lindsay Smith at 800-220-3901 x 165.

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