Platinum Living Realty Collects 10,000 Bottles Of Water For Phoenix Rescue Mission

Platinum Living Realty Collects 10,000 Bottles Of Water For Phoenix Rescue Mission

Staying cool and hydrated during the Valley’s summer heat is a challenge for homeless and at-risk families, like seniors and the disabled. To help the most vulnerable in the community survive extreme temperatures, local independent real estate agency,    Platinum Living Realty, initiated a water drive to collect bottled water for those in need.

Platinum Living Realty co-owners Jay and Michelle Macklin originally had the goal of collecting 2,000 bottles of water, but support from staff, agents, and partners helped them to collect more than five times that amount. At final count, the water drive collected more than 10,000 bottles of water. The company’s title and escrow partners,   Title Alliance Platinum Agency,    a   Title Alliance     affiliate, joined the efforts early on and donated 100 cases of water to help them meet the initial goal right off the bat.

“We were overwhelmed by the support we received from everyone involved with Platinum Living Realty for our water drive effort,” said Michelle Macklin. “Our agents, partners, and staff know all too well how unbearably hot it can get here in the Valley, and they were all eager to help those in need by participating in the water collection drive however they could.”

All water collected will be donated to Phoenix Rescue Mission’s    Code: Red Summer Heat Relief    campaign, which provides water and other heat-relief items to vulnerable communities during extreme heat. According to Phoenix Rescue Mission, in Arizona, an average of 132 people dies from excessive heat during the summer months. Learn more about these efforts by visiting