Title Alliance Appoints Brendan Farrell as Marketing Specialist

Title Alliance Appoints Brendan Farrell as Marketing Specialist

Title Alliance, Ltd, a RESPA-compliant ESOP leader in joint ventured title insurance agencies, announced today that it has appointed Brendan Farrell as Marketing Specialist. Farrell was able to take an inside look at Title Alliance using TA Careers, which was announced in April, before being hired into the family.

Farrell’s role will be to work with each individual joint venture manager to assess their needs and to help provide them with tools to market their services to the potential customers. He will also focus on providing content for the joint venture offices on their social channels.

Farrell holds a Bachelor’s of arts from The Pennsylvania State University in Film and Video. He has focused his career on using digital mediums to convey various marketing messages and has a proven track record in using social channels to drive customer reviews. Farrell also bring his videography experience with him. These skills will be essential in creating instructional and educational videos for the offices to use to teach their agents and their clients.

“I am excited to have Brendan on my team,” says Lindsay Smith, Marketing Director for Title Alliance. “I was looking for someone who had a broad range of skills, more importantly, Brendan is aligned with our mission and our values.”

Farrell went through an extensive interviewing process consisting of a phone screen, video interviews, 3 in person interviews and several online tests and has spent the last week in an intense training program to help him transition into the company.

“We had many qualified candidates come to the table,” says Smith, “but I wanted to be certain that we found the best fit for both the candidate and for our company. The interview process was lengthy, but it allowed for me to get to know the candidates on a deeper level and to make certain that I was positioning them for success.”

When asked about the interview process, Farrell said, “I was excited to learn more about the company and about myself. The expectations of the process were set in advance and I was always anxious to receive the next call to move me forward.”

“I joined Title Alliance with a willingness to learn and a desire to plant my roots, if you will, and to begin a career,” says Farrell. “I am anxious to begin working with each of the offices in order to increase their volume.”

“There is no doubt that Brendan will thrive at Title Alliance.” Smith concludes, “I am excited to see the future of our JV’s with their alliance with our new Marketing Specialist.”

About Title Alliance 
Title Alliance, Ltd, an ESOP Company is located in Media, PA and has been creating RESPA compliant title joint ventures since 1983 with lenders, mortgage bankers, realtors, builders and credit unions. Their roots date back to 1948 when their first agency, which is still in existence today, was formed. For more information or to find out how a Title Alliance’s partnership or title management skills could benefit you visit them online or contact Lindsay Smith at 800-220-3901 x 165.

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