Title Alliance Details Its Vision for the Next 3 Years

Title Alliance Details Its Vision for the Next 3 Years

Title Alliance, Ltd.  (Title Alliance), which has 40 joint ventured title insurance agencies across the country, with 60 branch locations, is throwing down the gauntlet for all to see.  Title Alliance is openly sharing with its partners, employees and yes, even its competitors its “Vivid Vision” of where the company wants to be three years from now, at the end of 2022. The Vivid Vision was publicly announced at the company’s annual Amplify Leadership Conference in early October.

Among its expectations:

  • Double top line revenue to reach $100 million in gross revenue
  • Grow to 400+ team members in 15 states
  • Become a Top 100 Place to Work in every major market where they do business

 “Since 1948, we have been the leaders in innovative thinking in the title and escrow industry and our focus will remain on strengthening our people, our processes and our product,” said Jim Campbell, CEO of Title Alliance.  “While some may say we’re being too open by sharing our vision and goals for the next three years, we believe it’s the very reason we will achieve them.  It’s a bigger risk if our own team members don’t fully understand our vision than it is for our competitors to know what we plan to achieve.” 

 Campbell added, “Creating the vision has been in the works for years and I’m extremely excited to share it with our teams so they know what the future of our company looks like. By achieving the goals we set forth, I’m confident our team members will grow both professionally and personally as we work together to make our vision a reality.”

 The 10-page document titled Vivid Vision 2022, which is available upon request at, highlights specific areas where the company plans to improve and expand its efforts.

For example, Title Alliance’s Corporate Support System is made up of 10 different departments that exist to service and support Joint Ventures and partners. Each Department will play a key role to support employees and help achieve the Vivid Vision, and therefore has a detailed vision of what enhancements or improvements they may need to make to achieve these goals. The 10 Departments with updated visions are Human Resources, Training, Business Development, Information Technology, Marketing, Operations, Centralized Processing Unit, Accounting, Escrow & Wires, and Compliance, Legal and Underwriting.

The Vivid Vision also outline the level of commitment that it will make to its Joint Ventures and places an emphasis on being in partnership with their employees; their investors; clients and vendors while executing at a high level The T.A. Way. 

Finally, the document discusses community contribution, which the company calls T.A. Gives Back. This initiative extends beyond the confines of the office walls as Title Alliance plays an active role in their local communities. Each member of the Title Alliance Team spends a minimum of 4 hours during their designated week in April contributing in a significant way to their local communities, in addition to supporting various drives and causes throughout the year.

“To achieve this vision we know it will be an exciting, ambitious journey. And we knew the vision had to be clearly defined to provide a road map to our leadership and fellow team members so that they could develop the will to see it through,” said Lindsay Smith, Chief Strategy Officer at Title Alliance. “When the vision was shared, the word most frequently used to describe the feelings it invoked in our team members was “excited”.” She concludes, “We know that as we work to make the vision a reality we will have some wins as well as some setback. However, we believe that because of the transparency in our vision with all of our team members, we’re much more likely to achieve the results set forth.”

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About Title Alliance:

Title Alliance’s roots date back to 1948 when their first agency, which is still in existence today, was formed in Media, Pennsylvania. Since 1983, the company has been forming successful single and multi-state title joint ventures with lenders, realtors, and builders. Title Alliance works with partners to establish in-house title and settlement operations, dramatically enhancing their customer service and increasing their profit. Title Alliance’s family of companies is currently in 11 States with 60 total offices. More information at 


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